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A promotional SMS is a message sent by a brand to prospects and customers informing them about promotions, discounts, and offers. Marketers run promotional campaigns to increase customer engagement and rocket sales. SendPulse allows you to create branded subscription forms, automate SMS sending, and personalize the messages for better performance.

Are intended for marketing, publicity and brand promotion of the products and services. As per TRAI guidelines, these SMS can be sent only to the Non DND numbers in a time span of 9 AM to 9 PM.

Promotional SMS The main features of the Promotional SMS panel are:

Be it One-to-many or One-to-one, send bulk SMS in one go.Ability to upload files of various.Format like csv and schedule delivery on some future date & time.Group your contacts on specific criteria to do focus messaging.Create templates for repetitive messaging.Check status of any campaign and access various reports for analysis.

Key features of Promotional SMS:

  • Businesses cannot send promotional SMS to Do not disturb (DND) customers.
  • SMS can be delivered between 9 am to 9 pm only.
  • SMS is sent with only a 6 digit numeric sender ID. Eg: DM-123456

Example of promotional SMS:

  •  Buy 1 and get another at 50% off!
  •  Super discount available for TODAY only.


  •  Product offers
  •  Discount coupons
  •  Special deals
  •  Festive bonus
  •  Sales
  •  Brand promotion
  •  Gift coupons
  •  Seasonal sales
  •  Alerts
  •  Health care Industry
  •  Banking & Finance
  •  Advertising
  •  Insurance Industry
  •  Social Networking
  •  Education Industry
  •  E-Commerce
  •  Enterprise Solution


Transactional SMS is used for the purpose of notifying customers regarding important updates, alerts, urgent messages and similar other informative texts. This route cannot be used for sending promotional and marketing SMS. Messages from Transactional route will reach both the DND and NonDND numbers 24/7.

Transactional SMS is a message sent by businesses (via aggregators) to their customers to send vital information. This message includes order confirmations, alerts, OTPs, debited or credit notifications from your bank account are the most common types. These messages are sent to only registered numbers.

Bank or financial institution or insurance company or Credit Card Company or depositories registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India or Direct to Home Operators.Airlines or Indian Railways or its legal organizations to its customers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation.

Information from a registered informative institution to its students or their parents or guardiansInformation sent by a registered company to its employees or agents or to its customers relating to services or goods to be delivered to such customers.

Transactional SMS focuses on delivering essential information related to a customer’s interaction with a business, such as order updates, appointment reminders, or account notifications. On the other hand, promotional SMS aims to market products or services.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Transactional SMS focuses on delivering essential information related to a customer’s interaction with a business, such as order updates, appointment reminders, or account notifications. On the other hand, promotional SMS aims to market products or services.

Banking Alerts

Transactional SMS focuses on delivering essential information related to a customer’s interaction with a business, such as order updates, appointment reminders, or account notifications. On the other hand, promotional SMS aims to market products or services.

E-commerce Order Updates

Online retailers send transactional SMS to inform customers about order status, shipping details, and delivery updates.

Key features of Transactional SMS:

  • Businesses can send transactional SMS to Do not disturb (DND) customers.
  • SMS can be delivered 24/7 without any time restrictions.
  • SMS is sent with only a 6 alpha character sender ID and needs to be in correlation with the brand name. Eg: VM-ADHAVA

Example of transactional SMS:

Dear customer,

Your verification code: 123456

If you want to send transactional and promotional SMS to your clients you can refer to one of the leading cloud communication providers across the globe

USES of Transactional messages

  • OTP
  • Alerts
  • Order booking confirmation
  • Delivery notification
  • Payment updates
  • Reminders
  • Appointment booking notices
  • Account debit/credited
  • Registration details
  • Mobile verification codes
  • Passwords
  • Login ID


School SMS enables instant communication between teachers and parents. Whether it’s sharing important announcements, upcoming events, or individual student progress, SMS ensures that information reaches parents promptly.

The adoption of School SMS brings forth a multitude of benefits for both schools and parents.

School SMS enhances the communication loop between parents and teachers. It provides a platform for open dialogue, making it easier to discuss academic concerns, upcoming exams, or extracurricular activities.

Unlike traditional methods that may involve printing and distribution costs, School SMS is a cost-effective solution. It saves time for educators and parents alike, ensuring that important information is conveyed efficiently.

In times of emergencies or unforeseen events, schools need to communicate swiftly with parents. School SMS serves as a reliable tool for conveying critical information, thereby enhancing the security measures in place.

An effective School SMS system should provide real-time updates on a child’s academic performance, attendance, and any other relevant information. This ensures that parents stay informed and involved.

In a diverse educational environment, multilingual support becomes crucial. A School SMS system that can communicate in multiple languages caters to the linguistic diversity within a school community.

Attendance is a vital aspect of a student’s academic journey. A robust School SMS system should offer features for easy attendance tracking, allowing parents to stay on top of their child’s attendance record.

whatsapp sms

Whataspp Messaging

Whatsapp marketing is the best platform for messenger services in India Social hub media is the best whatsapp marketing agency. … bulk Whats app messages to the target clients, however it additionally has helps digital marketing profession to reach out to a subscriber base of 900 million client who are on whats app.

In modern world, the increased use of electronic gadgets such as smart phones, laptops, computers can be directly linked with the growing importance of social media in day-to-day life of people around the globe.

“Do You use WhatsApp?” has became the most common question that you might come across in your daily life and you would have probably answered it with a big YES! Well that was just an example. in recent studies it has been stated that WHATSAPP incorporates more than 1.5 BILLION active monthly users, which is more than the users of Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest combined together. Consequently, WhatsApp has become the one of the largest social media platforms with users from different parts of the world.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free messaging mobile application, developed by Brian Acton and Jon Koum, two of the Yahoo’s former employees in the year 2009. Later in the year 2014, it was acquired by Facebook for $19.3 billion (USD). By the year 2015 it became the top-ranked messaging application. By February 2020, it has gained more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Why Should You Do WhatsApp Marketing?

There are numerous reasons why you should use WhatsApp as a tool for your marketing strategy.

First,the massive reach of this application which includes users of all ages, profiles and socio-economic backgrounds. It means that more than 75% of people who form your target audience must be using this app.

Secondly,the features provided by this app establishes its potential as a marketing tool to promote your business and increase your sales. Following is a list of services provided by this application.

Its absolutely free of cost
Acts as an effective tool to poll your customer in real time
You can organize meetings and events by creating groups of maximum and events by creating groups of maximum 256 members
Allow easy sharing of flyers, videos, catalogs, brochures and other promotional content
It provides rapidness as well as precision I terms of reach which makes this platform a perfect way to send reminders to your potent customers and promote your social offerings.
4 Ways to Maximize benefit of Your Business Out of WhatsApp Marketing
Provide real time customer services:- WhatsApp offers you a variety of features ranging from text, audio calls to video calls for resolving the queries of your potential customers and to provide them maximum assistance.Most of the business firms prefer WhatsApp wen, which enables you to use keyboard, microphones and webcams, which becomes more comfortable for your business.

Benefit of WhatsApp group:- Most effective feature of WhatsApp is that it enables you to create groups which can include upto 256 members. Through this function, you can organize collective conversation and all the members can interact.These groups are idea for conducting surveys of specific audience and provide first-hand information of your market studies. They are also useful inn organizing sales event and know the opinion of your target audience about the launch of a new product or service.

Make your messages attractive by using multimedia feature :- To make your messages appealing to the audience you should use various formatting options provided by the application. You can italicize or bold certain part of your message to emphasize on a particular part. This thing makes your text more eloquent.

Maintain the Standard of your Messages to grab the interest of the audience:- Suppose if a customer has entrusted you with their mobile number, it becomes your prime responsibility to provide them respect and quality in your communication. The messages that you send to your potential customers should be concise, clear, to the point/relevant and grammatically correct. It is advisable to construct your message in the form of brief paragraphs combined with emotions to add a expressive flair to your text. I hope, this article has helped you to give a glimpse of a new road ahead in the field of Digital Marketing